What are lockers

Lockers are the cupboards or the cabinets with a door and can be safely locked. You can find them in the used furniture stores. A locker is small, generally narrow storage compartment. They are normally found in the dedicated cupboards, all the time in the large numbers in the public places, for example, locker rooms, working environments, center and secondary schools, transport center and so forth.

Locker Terminology

Used lockers vary in security, construction, purpose, and size. Viewing some important features of used lockers before buying is suggested. The cost is depended on you getting the lockers at the warehouse and your selected used furniture stores. Here is the locker terminology


A locker unit, it might have 1 to 4 doors within the frame

Single Tier

One locker door in the frame

Double Tier

Two locker doors in the frame

Triple Tier

Three locker doors in frame

Box lockers

4 to 6 doors in a casing


Most locker banks are 2 to 6 frames wide

Lockers are physically combined next to each other in banks and are regularly produced using steel, in spite of the fact that wood, cover, and plastic are different materials once in a while found.

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